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SCR and the Environment

Technology that makes a difference.
Volvo’s SCR is a highly efficient solution that reduces diesel emissions and improves air quality in accordance with EPA ’10 regulations. This is good news for the hearts, lungs and health of truck drivers and everyone else on the planet. It’s also good news for the planet itself, since diesel exhaust pollutants also contribute to global warming.

Environmental care is a Volvo core value that supports our long-standing policy of conserving energy and protecting natural resources. We’re deeply committed to minimizing the impact of our products and processes on the environment. And thanks to our SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment—in combination with our “No Regen Engine”—we’re able to drastically lower emission of air pollutants, with better performance and lower fuel consumption.

NOx is bad. Getting rid of it is good.
The environmental and health impacts of diesel engine exhaust have long been a concern, and NOx is at the top of the list of exhaust offenders. NOx contributes to smog, which contributes to conditions related to asthma, respiratory problems and heart disease. Volvo’s SCR solution effectively reduces NOx emissions by up to 90%.

Particulate matter, and why it matters.
Particulate matter is a combination of airborne solids and aerosols (soot). It’s one of the most dangerous pollutants in the air we breathe. Volvo’s SCR solution and DPF combination traps it, burns it and eliminates it from the exhaust.

CO2 and greenhouse gas reduction.
Volvo’s SCR solution also results in measurable CO2 reduction. Scientists estimate that with SCR, CO2 emissions could be reduced by more than 70 tons per truck over an average lifespan of 10 operating years.

Is DEF safe? Definitely.
Naturally, the DEF our SCR system uses is safe to handle and safe for the environment. DEF is made up of water and urea. When DEF is injected into a catalytic converter and heated, the urea turns to ammonia. The ammonia reacts with the exhaust stream, forming harmless nitrogen and water vapor. No harm, no foul. And, of course, no more NOx.

A cleaner, brighter big picture.
Volvo’s SCR technology is part of a total vehicle solution that supports environmental care on many levels.

To further increase fuel economy, new Volvo trucks feature sophisticated electronic control systems that tell drivers if they’re operating their vehicle at peak fuel efficiency. We continue to introduce aerodynamic improvements that contribute to reducing fuel consumption and emissions. We support anti-idling strategies that reduce fuel waste and unnecessary emissions. And we’ve already demonstrated our vehicles’ ability to run on different types of renewable alternative fuels to reduce carbon emissions.

Even our manufacturing processes are designed to minimize waste, and reduce consumption of energy and the use of raw materials.

At Volvo Trucks, we’re committed to conserving resources, cleaner air, a healthier environment… and a beautiful view out the window.

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