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Volvo Trucks SCR Customer Experience Video

What our customers say about SCR:

"When you find something that works well for you, you stick with it."
-- Marvin Visser, COO, Holland Special Delivery              Read More

"This SCR-equipped Volvo truck is as responsive as a truck can be with regard to engine performance."
– Michael Halpin, Driver Read More

"A lot of smart engineering went into these engines. They work. There's nothing to fear."
– Bill Parry, Vice President Logistics Read More


What the press says about SCR:


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Read "2010 Technology Choices", by Steve Sturgess, May 2008, Heavy Duty Trucking, reproduced with permission.

Read "Getting to Know SCR" by James Menzies, December 2008, Truck News, reprinted with permission.

Read "Upcoming Diesels in Focus" by Steve Sturgess, December 2008, Heavy Duty Trucking, reprinted with permission.

Read "Is DEF Toxic" by Mark O'Connell, June 2009, Fleet Maintenance, reprinted with permission.

More Facts about SCR on the EPA web site.